Hoop Stars 1.6.6 for Android

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Hoop Stars is a fun arcade game in which your mission to try and guide hits around a ball in the center of the screen. Click on all the hoops and guide the ball to earn a lot of points!

Hoop Stars have very easy-to-use controls: just tap the screen repeatedly to move the hoops. Depending on how many times you press, you will move the ring with more or less force and – I hope – you will get more points from your competition! But in order to start competing with other players, you need to complete the game tutorial that shows you how to move the hoops.

Not only that, but you will also win prizes as you gain levels that you can use to unlock new balls and hoops. There are all kinds of colors and styles to choose from!

Hoop Star is a fun arcade game with an addictive PVP feature … that gets even more addictive the more you play! Try it, earn as many points as you can and see if you can win the high score!


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