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HOIA is the official COVID-19 contact detection application for Estonia. It belongs to the Estonian Health Council. The application was created in collaboration between the Estonian Health Council, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Center for Health and Welfare Information Systems and a voluntary consortium of Estonian companies.

The app uses Bluetooth and the Google Exposure Notification API to alert you to exposure to people diagnosed with COVID-19. In this way the application allows you to take care of yourself and your loved ones while limiting the spread of the disease in Estonia. The application has been developed in accordance with the principles of privacy and the notifications sent through the application do not reveal the identity of the infected person. Likewise, only you will know if you have been exposed to people diagnosed with COVID-19.

Phones using the app record Bluetooth signals from other nearby phones. If the signal is close enough and large enough, an anonymous password close to the contact will be stored in the phone. If a person now confirms their infection with the HOIA application, the anonymous passwords on their device will be downloaded to a central server, from which all users can download them. It is not possible to identify a person based on an anonymous code. The user’s phone compares whether the anonymous password of the infected person matches a password that was previously stored on his phone. If so, the user is considered to be in close contact and will be notified with instructions. It will not be revealed to the user who the infected person he / she was in contact with was or any other information that would allow the infected person to be indirectly identified.

The application has been developed in collaboration with the following Estonian companies: ASA Quality Services, Cybernetica, FOB Solutions, Fujitsu Estonia, Guardtime, Heisi IT, Icefire, Iglu, Mobi Lab, Mooncascade, Velvet.

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