Hindi Keyboard 6.5.3 for Android

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Hindi Keyboard is an application that can change the letters of your keyboard into Hindi characters.

The Hindi keyboard is easy to use: just give the app permission to access the default keyboard app, change your default keyboard to Hindi Keyboard, and then you’re ready to enjoy your new keyboard. Another great feature of the Hindi keyboard is that it has a button that you can use to toggle between Roman and Hindi typing. And that’s not all: with this keyboard, you can type Roman characters and ask the app to automatically translate it into Hindi as you type. The application matches every key on the Roman keyboard with Hindi character, so even though you will see Roman letters on the keyboard, the text you type will appear in Hindi.

In addition, this keyboard has GIF, spell check, word prediction, voice to text, over eight hundred emoji and more. As if that were not enough, Hindi Keyboard also features WhatsApp and Telegram stickers with Indian memes that add the finishing touch to this already great app.

The Hindi keyboard is a complete, customizable keyboard that will make life much easier for anyone who frequently uses Hindi characters.


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