HiNative 8.19.3 for Android – Download

Download Free HiNative 8.19.3 for Android – Download

HiNative is a fun and interactive way to learn languages. It is a kind of social network where you can ask any questions you have about any language, while also answering any questions you can from other users (as long as you know enough to be able to answer).

One of the great things about HiNative compared to other ways of learning or asking questions about languages ​​is that it allows you to use photos and audio files. This means that you can answer your questions by sending a voice message (this is especially useful with pronunciation problems).

In HiNative you have your own profile where you can keep track of all the times you have helped other users and all the questions you have asked. This way you can earn points and move up.

HiNative is a great language app that lets you help others and get help in any language. English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, etc. You will find tons of different languages.


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