Hide Online 4.5.0 – Download for Android APK for free

Download Free Hide Online 4.5.0 – Download for Android APK for free

We have to admit it Hide on the internet is nothing near PUBG or Fortnite. However, although they do not come with the great technical developments of these two snipers (nor does he intend to do so), we can have a lot of fun.

Transform into an element of the script to disguise

We are talking about one multiplayer shooting game in which we will take part in online games participating in random groups and in which our mission will be to shoot and kill members of the opposing team. The goal of both teams is to eliminate all their enemies to win, but there is a surprise that can be really helpful whenever necessary.

We can hide turning into different elements in the script to stay unnoticed by other players. If we manage to disguise ourselves well, we can later regain our original aspect and kill our enemies.

A chair, a box, a table … transform into any element of your environment to go unnoticed.

The game is not intended to be the next Call of Duty or anything like that. In fact, once you download its APK, you will understand. But that does not mean you can not have fun in this fun shooter for Android.

In fact, from the first moment, you will see how fun and simple its graphics are and how simple it is to control, which will make it a great choice if you want to enjoy a multiplayer action game without any further complications: just log in to internet and play.

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