Hide.io 30.0.7 for Android – Download

Download Free Hide.io 30.0.7 for Android – Download

Hide.io is a game that challenges you to play hide and seek online with other players from around the world. More than 20 people can play in the same round: some players have to hide and hide in the environment and others have to find them.

Depending on your role, the beginning of the game will go one way or another. If you are the “police” then you will have to wait 30 seconds for the other players to be able to hide, but during this period you will have to try to memorize what the default setting looks like. But if you are the “objects”, then you should try to hide and not pay attention to the setting.

Each round on Hide.io lasts up to three minutes. If the police can not find all the items, then the items will win. But if the police find all their opponents in less than three minutes, they will win the round.

Hide.io is a very fun game that offers a very unique game that is ideal for a smartphone. The game also includes almost infinite settings because they create randomly every time you start a round. But in case all this is not enough, the game includes simple, colorful and really charming graphics.

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