Hide and seek! 1.4.12 for Android

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Hide and seek! is a fun multiplayer arcade game that brings the classic crypto experience to the comfort of your Android device. Whether you want to play as a seeker or as a climber, Hide N Seek! is one of the best titles of its kind thanks to its accessible and addictive game.

The clever design of the game means that almost everyone can enjoy the game from the beginning. To control your character, you just need to use the control on the left side of the screen. It does not matter what role you play during the round. this is the only control you need to worry about.

Your mission in Hide ‘N Seek! is to hide or capture other players trying to hide. To do this, you have a limited amount of time available. If you hide and manage to survive without being caught before time runs out, you will win. However, if you are looking for others and fail to find at least four players before time runs out, you will lose. One thing that makes this game even more interesting is that captured players can be saved by those who are still free.

To overcome this, in each round you can win coins, which you can use later to unlock new appearances for your character.


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