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The Hidden Hotel is an action-adventure game – part of the Hidden Objects subspecies – where players must restore a hotel and, to do so, take on the task of finding various objects hidden in rooms full of jam.

The game here is very simple: at the bottom of the screen you will see the tasks you need to complete so that you can restore this fairly old hotel. To start scoring items from your list, you must collect points. You get them by solving hidden object puzzles – that is, those where you have to find all the items in a list before time runs out. As you find items, you can cross them, but note that if you accidentally wander around items you lose points and it will take even longer to restore your hotel. As you renovate the various spaces, you can choose from different designs and customize them as you wish.

Hidden Hotel is a fun game with really nice graphics that will offer you several important doses of fun as you sharpen your eye.


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