Helakuru 7.8.12 for Android – Download

Download Free Helakuru 7.8.12 for Android – Download

Helakuru is an Android keyboard that lets you type Sinhalese natively. If you want an easy and convenient way to write in this language, this application is one of the most complete options you will find on the market. Enter your language without typos and with many features that will make your life easier.

One of the great things about this keyboard is that it allows you to write your messages in three different ways. The first is by typing the full text as you would with any other keyboard. The second option allows you to write whatever you want by swiping your finger from one letter to another to make words. Meanwhile, the third gives you complete freedom to form the letters yourself with your finger. With this last option, the screen turns into a blank canvas where you can draw the letters by hand.

Another great thing about Helakuru is that it offers a voice recognition system that allows you to format texts with your voice when you can not or do not want to type. Thanks to this option, you can use your device hands-free.

Finally, from the settings menu in Helakuru you can change the themes, the size of the keyboard, the writing form and a number of other elements that allow you to modify any important aspect of the keyboard as you want to customize it to your needs and preferences.


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