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From the very first version of Warcraft in 1994, many different versions of the magical universe created in this video game have emerged over the years. The online card game could not be missing Fireplace started to fill this gap.

Proceed on your way to reach arena way

In Fireplace you will start playing the game with help from a tutorial that, once completed, will allow you to get stuck in the real gameDuring the latter, you can unlock up to nine new characters equipped with special powers and skills, as you defeat them in both Game mode and Practice mode. If you beat them all, you can play it arena mode, a battle against all in which you can earn lucrative rewardsDuring the game You will be assigned missions and achievements that will allow you to progress and receive rewards such as gold or special cards.The

The Warcraft online card game could not be missed.


  • Online card game based on the Warcraft universe.
  • Three game modes: Game, practice and Arena.
  • Young heroes without exclusions, each with special features.
  • Complete missions and achievementsThe

Use your cards according to your needs at all times

You have a lot Different cards are available, each with its own characteristics and mana costYou will find it special forces cards Such as Mean cards or the Trickster cards with points of attack and lifeTo catch them you have to increase your level for each unlocked hero, get them as a reward after winning at arena function or create them yourself with strange dust achieved by unlocking others. In any case, if the game is difficult, you can always go to the toy store and buy it with the gold you have earned during the game or for real money.

With Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft You will be able to take part in the most exciting card battle in the universe developed by Blizzard.

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