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Happy Glass is a puzzle game given to you by the creators of the popular Love Balls and Draw In games. This time, you need to fill a glass of water using only your creativity and a pencil. Your goal is to draw a series of lines to make sure the tap water reaches the inside of the glass.

In each Happy Glass level, your job is to pour a minimal amount of water into the glass. Initially, a good pair of strokes is enough to get the water needed to complete the level. However, as you progress through the game, you will find yourself facing more complex situations.

To redirect the water, simply use the pencil in your hand to draw lines and shapes. Keep in mind that the elements that already exist at the level are extremely important. Why; because you can not use them. This means that they will prevent you from drawing specific lines. Also, your score depends on the amount of ink you have used. If you use very little ink, you will get three stars. But, if you use a lot of ink, you will only win one.

Happy Glass is a great 2D puzzle game that offers original and fun gameplay. The game also has a nice visual module and offers a huge amount of different levels (over 700).

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Happy Glass is the latest hit from the creators of Love Balls and Draw In

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