Handcent Next SMS – Best text messages with MMS & stickers 9.6.2 APK Download via Handcent

Download Free Handcent Next SMS – Best text messages with MMS & stickers 9.6.2 APK Download via Handcent

Handcent Next SMS 9.0 has arrived with new features and messenger improvements.

The best Android text messaging app for your SMS text messenger app. Also a good replacement for Go SMS pro. The best messenger application with free text and message stickers.

– Best SMS application with perfect customization of messages
– Grouping or bulk text to send message to multiple recipients
– Free backup in the cloud – never worry about large texts
– Simple sending of messages from a computer
– Reliable bumper to keep texts safe and secure
– Many stickers, emoji and gifs to choose from
– Android Wear Device Support (Depends on phone application)

Handcent is not only a pioneering SMS messenger & texting, but also a messaging tool in the SMS messaging application. Excellent messaging and messaging experience is our top priority.

Customize Messenger

Change nice themes in the free and easy text and messaging app. It is the best messaging tool with which you can personalize text messages (free mms), message fonts, stickers, colors, ringtones, LED colors, vibration patterns, etc. The messenger theme store offers additional themes to choose from.

Handcent Anywhere – the best private text messages on PC and tablet.

With Handcent Anywhere Messenger you will be able to send text messages from your PC, Mac or Tablet without touching the SMS application of your Android phone. Focus on the computer screen without missing a text message.
Go to aw.handcent.com and start chatting and messaging.


MMS is fast and stable, it can receive all kinds of MMS messages. We can also share full size multimedia with MMS plus.
Share multimedia messages with your friends. MMS plus can act as a text messaging program for android, storing media files on our private cloud server.

Pop-up text

Quickly reply to text messages in a pop-up window.
The Handcent Next SMS messenger application has a new look.

Best Messenger with private box

A fully encrypted text message box that can only be opened with your unique password. All your texts in private can only be viewed by you. The best way to protect yourself when sending and receiving messages.

Backup SMS

Never worry about losing text or messages with our backup service. Reset all your personal messages (SMS / MMS) and settings when switching to a new phone or resetting your phone.

Wear operating system support

Receive and reply to messages on all your Android-based smartwatches, along with features such as voice over text, etc.
Supports Wear OS, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 2 active with Tizen OS 5.5
You need to work with the phone app, it does not work as a standalone app


You can search for text messages by hour, message type, etc.
All SMS text messages are searchable

Block SMS / Blacklist

Block all unwanted or unwanted SMS & MMS messages in our private Android text messaging application.

Scheduled work

Free scheduling of text and messages sent at a given time.


Have more fun with the best customizable text messaging app. You will love the animated emoji that also comply with the latest emoji standard in an sms messenger!


Now integrated with Giphy. You can send sticker messages using fast search. Handcent is the best sms messenger with stickers.

Adhesive on top

Handcent Next messenger SMS pin your private contacts from above based on your SMS and MMS needs.

Below is a ton of message enhancements.
Group message chat: Create a group with friends / contacts, all contacts will receive the message when sending messages. Send bulk text messages with stickers to all team members. You will love the simple group and bulk SMS & MMS messages.

SMS SMS users can easily switch.

Other free features: Bulk SMS & MMS, text clips, etc.

For those of you who love Handcent and need help, contact us at [email protected]

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