HandBrake 1.4.2 – Free PC Download

Download Free HandBrake 1.4.2 – Free PC Download

We are sure you are using one of the portable devices that is so popular lately. If this is the case then maybe you need an application like HandbrakeIt is one video and DVD converter in ideal formats for devices such as iPhone, iPod, PlayStation 3 or Apple TVThe o Handbrake converter will offer you practical tools so you can enjoy your favorite videos on your mobile deviceThe

Main characteristics

  • Support for the most common multimedia formats and any DVD or Blu-ray that is not copy-protected.
  • Includes practical conversion profiles: iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV, etc.
  • Supports the selection of capitals and bookmarks.
  • Add captions to chaptersThe
  • Allows you to modify the video resolution.

It also allows you to scale videos or trim bordersThe interface is very intuitive and you will have no problem converting videos: select the video to convert, the folder where it will be saved and the output format: MP4 or MKVThe Handbrake will take over the rest of the process.

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