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Guardian Tales combines RPG action, puzzle and adventure – all in equal size. In fact, what you will find here is not far from the kind of action you would expect to encounter in The Legend of Zelda. This kind of bending even includes the option to customize a magical floating island from which to strategize with your own hero.

Whenever you explore forests and dungeons, you are ready to move your character to use only your left thumb. With your right thumb, choose to attack, launch special skills, and interact with any of the elements scattered throughout each scene. Interact with each element in a different way (almost like an open sandbox) you will find flashlights, rock crashes, trampoline jumps, conversation with other characters and much more.

The story mode in Guardian Tales is simple. Start as a wretched kingdom guard as he tries to survive a new onslaught of attacks by the Dark Builder. From there, your adventure begins to take on much more epic proportions – you encounter more and more menacing monsters and go out to explore the vast expanses of the world.

Although you spend most of your time in story mode, Guardian Tales also includes several other game modes that are even more fun. For example, you can face other players in PvP mode or create and decorate your own floating island where your characters start and relax.

Guardian Tales is an awesome RPG that comes with extremely fun gameplay and rich pixelated charm.


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