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Grow Turret is an elementary game that combines concepts of inactive clicks, or rather, inactive players with tower defense. It’s an incredibly fun game where you have to destroy the zombies hiding around you.

Your mission in Grow Turret is to create the best possible defensive force against the zombies by developing turrets around a map. Although they will attack automatically, you will spend a good touch of the screen to increase the frequency of receiving turrets from your base.

In addition to advancing the different screens in Grow Turret, you have some special events that will test your strategy: battles against final bosses and resistance against hordes of zombies. These events are different from “normal operation”, as you will have to place your defense force on a moving vehicle that will have to go up against your enemies. Instead of fighting against the clock, you need to make sure that the zombies do not destroy your vehicle.

The best thing about Grow Turret is that the clicking game makes it seem extremely simple at first. However, you will soon realize that what is really important here is where you place your towers. Each has a different range and type of attack. This makes it important to organize them well on your small board to defeat all the zombies. You also have a ton of different turrets to discover and you even have the ability to create your own.

Grow Turret is a great title that fans of inert games will surely love. It offers a lot of possibilities and constantly gives you opportunities to do new things, something that is not typical in these types of games.


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