GroupMe 5.55.2 for Android – Download

Download Free GroupMe 5.55.2 for Android – Download

GroupMe is a completely free application, which allows you to easily communicate via text messages with any friend, regardless of the type of device or mobile phone they have. In fact, the app even works with a tablet, as it uses your data connection (or WiFi) to send and receive all messages.

You can start new interesting conversations directly with friends and you will also be able to create and participate in group conversations, as it is easy to synchronize with a workgroup or keep yourself up to date with your friends.

One of the interesting concepts of the application is that whenever the Internet connection is not very good, it can start receiving messages using the SMS system of your phone, so that you do not miss a single message.

GroupMe is a great instant messaging tool that, like other similar applications, allows you to send photos, videos and other files using the chat system, as well as receive notifications to stay up to date.


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