Graph Messenger T7.3.1 – P8.5 for Android

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Graph Messenger (also known as Telegraph) is a messaging client based on the Telegram API. It adds some very interesting features to the already extensive list of what Telegram has to offer. Read below to discover some of the most interesting.

The most attractive feature that Graph Messenger offers is definitely the built-in download manager. With this feature, you can manage and automate a download queue. This is especially useful if you are a subscriber to channels that distribute digital content, as in many cases you will be downloading multiple files over 1 GB. With download management, this will no longer be a problem.

Other interesting features offered by Graph Messenger include the ability to configure a secret module in the messaging client. You can access this secure area using only a password or pattern that you have set. Likewise, you can also “lock” any conversation. That way, if you have a specific conversation that you want to keep private, you can be sure that you are the only one who can open it.

More features that are a little more fun than useful include the option to create in-conversation designs, use voice changes to send audio messages, or customize the interface to suit your personal preferences. You can even create “special contacts”. When one of your “special contacts” is connected, you will receive a notification.

Graph Messenger is a great alternative to Telegram that, unlike other similar apps that offer nothing new, offers tons of interesting enhancements.


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