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Grandma: Chapter 2 is a first-person horror game and a sequel to Grandma, where you must try to escape this bad grandma’s house. And this time, Grandma is not alone. Armed with a bloody baseball bat, Grandpa also roams this house.

Grandmother: The controls in Chapter Two are identical to the game’s initials. You can move your character freely through the settings using your left thumb and your right thumb to look where you want. In the upper left corner, you will have access to the button to go down (while pressing you will not make noise) and in the upper right corner, you will find the action button.

Granny’s goal: Chapter 2, as in the first game, is to get out of the house before five days have passed. Every time your grandparents catch you walking inside the house, they will hit you and you will miss an entire day. That’s why you have to be insidious and try to hide every time one of them sees you. Stealth and Steel nerves are the only way you can solve all the puzzles that need to be solved to get out of this house alive.

Grandma: Chapter 2 is a great first-person horror game that, like other DVIoper games (the company that created the game), offers you a terrifying experience. A fun game that will definitely get you out of your position on more than one occasion. Especially if you play with headphones as recommended.


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