Grand Summoners 3.13.1 for Android

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Build a strong team of heroes and face dangerous enemies in Grand Summoners, an RPG with an automatic battle system. All this with an incredibly detailed, illustrated aesthetic.

Grand Summoners battle system is simple: your heroes will automatically attack enemies, your job is to activate their special abilities at the perfect moment, although you can also automate special attacks. Fortunately, the game is so beautifully designed that watching the battles is a show in itself.

In Grand Summoners “story mode”, you guide, step by step, the story of the game, which focuses on an ancient war between gods and demons. While it is fun to play solo, some of the most dangerous, difficult bosses can only be defeated by forming alliances with other players online.

Grand Summoners is an RPG that stands out mainly for its fantastic graphics and huge number of characters. Recruit dozens of different heroes, help them evolve and level up and fight the most dangerous enemies!


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