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Grand Mafia is a strategy game that follows in the footsteps of titles like Mafia City and puts players in control of an old underworld boss who is on a mission to regain lost ground and become the ruler and master of the entire city.

Fans of the genre will enjoy its gameplay, which at first glance is similar to games like Rise of the Kings, War and Order and the aforementioned Mafia City: you will build an ever-increasing base of functionality by creating new offices, upgrading existing ones. and recruiting endless user streams. Although the Big Mafia gives players a lot of freedom, it also encourages them to complete goals to earn funds.

Whether it’s joining a gang or attacking opponents, this MMO strategy connects you with other players from around the world. The Grand Mafia also offers many events and tournaments to participate in, which keeps the game competitive.

On top of all that, this game has an interesting story full of references to great titles of the genre, such as Goodfellas, The Sopranos and The Godfather. If you’re a fan of strategy and management games – and the mafia – do not miss The Grand Mafia.


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