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Everyone has their own story and everyone is part of a collective family history that goes back years. With Gramps, you can create your own family tree and track your ancestry.

Gramps makes it easy to store different details about each person in your family and their relationships. You can also save information about places and events. This way, all the information stays organized and makes searching your database much easier. This program includes some different tools:

– Grampletes: This is a table that helps monitor the progress of your research, offering a quick analysis of the stored data.
– People: A list of all the people in your files with dates of birth, dates of death and other details.
– Relationships: A summary of the parents, siblings, spouses and children of the active person.
– Families: Register of all households with parents’ names, marital status and wedding dates.
– Ancestor: A graphic representation of the origins of all active people with photographs, dates of birth and dates of death.
– Events: A list of events in your files with descriptions, event types, dates and places.
– Places: A list of all places in the database with place names and location details.
– Geography: An interactive map with highlighted locations for each person, group of people or all the people in your files.
– Sources: List of reference sources and publication details.
– References: A list of all referenced information used along with dates, volumes and pages.
– Warehouses: Register of email addresses and contact details.
– Media: A list of thumbnails of photos, videos, and other material in your files.
– Notes: A list of all your notes, including note previews.


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