Grab 5.141.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Grab 5.141.0 for Android – Download

Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) is an application that allows you to locate a fast and cheap means of transportation in Southeast Asia. Basically, the app allows you to request a vehicle to pick you up at any time.

The great thing about Grab is that you have several services at your disposal. GrabTaxi is the most common and allows you to call a taxi at any time. GrabCar, on the other hand, lets you rent a private vehicle for an Uber experience. GrabBike is similar, but instead, you ride a motorcycle behind the driver. Finally, GrabShare offers you one of the cheapest options, where you share a vehicle with other users.

Grab provides a range of solutions to the problem of transportation in Southeast Asia, allowing you to easily call taxis, cars and motorcycles from your Android device.


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