GPS Map Free 4.6.0-tk04 for Android

Download Free GPS Map Free 4.6.0-tk04 for Android

GPS Map Free is an application that lets you use the powerful location tool, Google Maps, to find almost anywhere you want.

The most interesting tool of GPS Map Free is the search engine, which allows you to locate any place in a matter of seconds. Enter the name of the place you are looking for in the text box or filter by category to find all sentence types.

With GPS Map Free you can, for example, search for a nearby restaurant by clicking the corresponding button. You will immediately see a list of all the restaurants and you just have to click on one of the names in the list to see its address and phone number.

Other options in GPS Map Free let you use the navigation to see places through the street view. You can also change the antenna views to terrestrial or satellite mode.

GPS Map Free is a very interesting tool for users who travel frequently as it allows you to find all kinds of places in the world in a few seconds, as long as you have activated your GPS.


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