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Google Docs is a version of Google’s official word processing tool that is perfectly adapted to Android devices. With it, you can create and edit text documents, as well as share them over the Internet and edit them simultaneously with other users.

The application allows you to edit your texts with and without an Internet connection. If you work offline, you can save your changes to the cloud for upload the next login time.

As with the PC version, with this official Google Docs application, all your changes will be saved automatically, so you will never lose anything. Even if the battery runs out or you close the application, everything will be saved.

Google Docs is a great word processing tool that is especially useful for editing shared documents with other users.

How to use voice dictation tools for writing

Everyone seems to have carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist or arm injuries these days. Whether it is a temporary condition or a permanent disability, such a problem is undoubtedly a tremendous burden for people whose job it is to spend hours in front of their computer typing. Although you may think that large operating systems would have covered accessibility issues a long time ago, this is unfortunately not the case. The Google Docs voice recognition system, for example, has only been around since last September. And for Microsoft … maybe you better not go there.

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