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Google Contacts is the official contact management application from Google. This application allows you to keep your custom phonebook in your pocket at all times. In each profile, you can associate different phone numbers (home, work, mobile), as well as email address, even mailing address and birthday.

From any of your contact profiles, you can send messages directly using other applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Additionally, you can send emails if you have a corresponding email address or call using Skype or other video calling methods.

Google Contacts is a very interesting application for any Android user. Simplicity, number of features and convenient interface make it one of the best alternatives for managing your address book.

Hey, I need you to fix my phone again: Tips to keep your smartphone “clean”

I am sure that in more than one case, your calm and serenity has been interrupted by the shadow of your mother or father approaching you with their smartphone in hand. The look on their face is a mixture of frustration and confusion and yes, once again, the smartphone is ready to fly out the window. Of course, the only thing the phone is guilty of offers features that, according to your parents, only young people can understand. And now the time has come to curse the day you gave your mom or dad this Android smartphone so they can manage huge family groups on WhatsApp, use their Facebook account from anywhere or get difficult suspicions to send to your aunt in Milwaukee. Ever since they changed from the indestructible Nokia 3310, you have become the best technician in the family and you have to deal with all the problems … “Sweetie, I want you to fix my phone again!”

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