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Improve and increase ICT capabilities in your classroom thanks to Google.

Google Classroom is an application developed by Google, thanks to which teachers and students from the same school can always stay in touch, in a much simpler way. In addition, it is free for educational centers and any non-profit organization.

Using Google Classroom is very simple. Users who register as teachers can easily add their students, either directly via email or via a special password. So, in a few minutes, you are shaping your whole class.

One of the advantages of Google Classroom is that it allows you to save a lot of paper, as any tasks or documents that your classroom may need are distributed digitally. This way you will be extremely organized and you will not have any problems with deadlines or you will lose one of your student tasks.

Google Classroom is a user-friendly and secure application, thanks to which students and teachers have a comfortable and effective virtual environment for use in work and study.


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