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GoodNovel is an app that lets you access a huge number of fantasy projects that you can spend hours reading, turning your Android device into a gateway to different worlds – fantasy, adventure, romance and more.

Using GoodNovel is as easy as choosing one of the books and then starting to read as if there is no tomorrow. The application contains a huge list of books that you will not find anywhere else, divided into different genres based on your personal tastes: fantasy, romance, adventure, horror … A collection of books where there are works for adults and LGBTQ + especially characteristic.

If you do not know which book to start with, GoodNovel has suggestions for the most popular titles that will help you get stuck in something you will love. The app also has an author list that changes every week, so you can discover new, exciting material to enjoy.

GoodNovel is a very interesting application if you want to read novels that will keep you attached to the screen of your smartphone or tablet. A reading application full of different novels to devour the world from the comfort of your phone.


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