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With the passage of time and the constant use of your computer, the day comes when your system begins to show general instability, low performance and reduction of available disk space without ever knowing what occupies all this space. Glary Utilities is here to help you improve the performance of your computer, this is a great set of utilities developed to optimize the speed of your system, keep it clean and secure.

Glary Utilities is different from most because it comes with a structure that includes several sections and each of which corresponds to a specific function. It includes over 20 different types of utilities. What is really interesting is that you can either personally check for any problems with each tool or use the automatic maintenance system with one click.

Some of the utilities that come with it are a Windows registry cleaner, a search tool for junk files on your disk, a cleaner for unnecessary or malicious additions and extensions to your browser, a malware search tool, a history and temporary cleaner files on the web, check for programs starting with the star-up system, a backup copy, a hard disk analyzer, a driver and browser search tool, a recovery tool for accidentally deleted files, and an uninstaller program


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