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Glary Tracks Eraser is a complete program that makes browsing the Web more secure. With this tool, you can delete unwanted files, manage your browser extensions, and securely delete your history and information.

The Glary Tracks Eraser interface is very easy to use. All web browsers are displayed on one screen and you can manage the data in all your browsers at the same time, saving time as well as managing the information in each browser separately.

To clear cache, history, or other items, simply drag the bar to the side of the screen to see all your options and select the items you want to delete. Each browser displays all the information it has saved since the last scan and all you have to do is click on an item if you want to delete it.

With this application, you can delete recent documents, items copied to the clipboard, recycle bin, history, searches, cookies, and any other temporary files that could slow down your browser. Take a look at Glary Tracks Eraser, keep your web browsing private by deleting unwanted files and securely deleting your history.


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