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Digiarty has teamed up with GET INTO PC to provide its flagship software, WinX Video Converter, to readers. Go below and enter a gift and get a free WinX Video Converter to bulk convert your types of video formats.

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WinX Video Converter is now available for free. The gift version also offers full features and support. No registration code required.

Overview of WinX Video Converter features

WinX Video Converter is a great video converter with amazing built-in video compression and editing functions. Below are some features that are worth mentioning.

• Support tons of video and audio formats and convert between video files seamlessly in batch.
• Download online videos from over 1000 pages in all high quality formats.
• Offer custom presets for iOS / Android mobile devices, game consoles, TVs, web.
• Compress large video files by up to 90% (from GB to MB) without noticeable loss of quality.
• Trim, trim, merge clips, add captions / watermarks to videos.
• Ensure original picture and sound quality output with High-Quality Engine.
• Use GPU acceleration, Super Transcoding Engine and multi-core CPU, which provide high speed number 1.

Review of WinX Video Converter

WinX Video Converter handles videos in any format, frame rate and resolution (up to 8K FHD). With a simple drag-and-drop interface and extensive preset profiles for mobile devices, Xbox, PS5, TVs, the web (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.), it has a light learning curve for beginners. You can quickly convert videos to MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, WebM, H.264, HEVC, VP9 or other types of formats and enjoy them on any device, from mobile to HDTV.

The program offers GPU-accelerated video transcoding, which is up to 30x faster than CPU-only video processing. Together with the multi-core CPU and Super Transcoding Engine, it has no competition in video processing speed. Thanks to the built-in High-Quality Engine, you can get an output quality that is very similar to the original after recoding. There is no loss of quality if you are remuxing MKV to MP4 or switching between other container formats that do not require any transcoding.

Digiarta’s best video converter doesn’t just do video decoding and encoding: it can be used to compress a (4K UHD) video file from 1 GB to 100 MB. Smaller file size can save storage space and guarantee higher upload speeds. The high-quality WinX Video Converter engine and state-of-the-art compression algorithm make the quality of the compressed video excellent. The video compression process is also GPU accelerated, 47x faster in real time.

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In addition to video size compression, the best-rated free video converter can help remove unwanted clips from your video, crop black bars, easily crop, split, merge videos, and add captions or an SRT watermark to your videos. No matter what you want to do with your footage in addition to converting video formats, there are a number of features to choose from. WinX Video Converter will take care of all your basic video conversion and editing needs. It’s a set of tools for video all in one.

Another handy feature of WinX Video Converter is downloading online videos. It supports downloading HD / 1080p videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. to MP4 and other formats. This will probably solve a problem perfectly, such as slow caching or no internet when watching videos

Thanks to its powerful and easy to use, WinX Video Converter is excellent. It’s free and you can use all its features. Feel free to download it and use it now.

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