GitHub 2.6.4 for Mac – Download

Download Free GitHub 2.6.4 for Mac – Download

GitHub is a client-building software on the increasingly popular open source platform that allows you to host your software publicly so that anyone in the community can access your content.

This desktop application is specifically designed to run on a Mac and not only has an interface that uses the look of Windows 8 Metro, but also offers all the features you could ask for. Most actions can be done simply by dragging items from one place to another and you never have to use commands, thus allowing you to create new repositories in seconds.

GitHub is a platform with over two million users and more than three million different repositories. This is a truly global network of developers from around the world and is accessible directly from your desktop.

GitHub is a great tool for developers and will give them the opportunity to work with one of the most important and popular platforms, all from the comfort of your desktop.


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