Ghost Commander 1.60.5 for Android

Download Free Ghost Commander 1.60.5 for Android

Ghost Commander is a dual panel file manager that lets you manage all the files stored on your Android device. It is ad-free, customizable, and allows you to customize the system.

Thanks to Ghost Commander, you can copy and move any file on your device from one panel to another with a simple, intuitive method that offers stark contrast compared to more complex interfaces used by other similar tools for Android.

You can also open files and folders with a single tap on the corresponding icon or select different items by tapping them on the right side, where all their information is located.

Other interesting features included in Ghost Commander allow you to use FTP and SFTP to transfer files, open and export compressed files in ZIP or RAR format, and even preview the contents of a compressed file before unzipping it.

Ghost Commander is a well-designed file management tool for Android. Now you can work with your device as easily as you can with a desktop computer, all with a program designed for use on a touch screen.


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