Get Backup Pro 3.6.2 for Mac

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Get Backup Pro is a program that lets you selectively back up only the data you want to protect on your Mac. If you are looking for such a tool, you are lucky because this program is a great choice.

Get Backup Pro is extremely easy to use thanks to its clever design. You can create whatever projects you want by storing whatever you want in each of them, such as folders full of documents. It is also equally easy to archive documents that you do not want to save, copy or sync.

You can customize the process features in Get Backup Pro to suit your needs and preferences. There are also options to select the location where you want to create the security file, its maximum size, and choose which documents you want to exclude from the process. Additionally, you can set it to save automatically at specified intervals.

Get Backup Pro is a fantastically designed tool and a great way to increase the security of your Mac before system failures cause you to lose your information.


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