GeoGebra 6.0.671.0 for Windows – Download

Download Free GeoGebra 6.0.671.0 for Windows – Download

Geogebra is an open source application designed specifically for learning and teaching geometry, algebra and calculus. The program
allows you to navigate comfortably in an attractive online environment. You just need to select the shape you need and enter the parameters for the problem you are trying to solve. The application includes a dynamic calculation tool that can modify the graph representation in real time as you change values. This is a very useful tool for the academic environment, whether it is for students or for the demonstrations used by teachers in front of the classroom.

The application has a huge amount of functions, including the simple geometric calculation of angles, as well as the representation of functions, derivatives and integers. It also lets you export results in the form of graphs, including vector SVG layers. This modularity is particularly interesting as there are an infinite number of examples created by other users. They are available for use by anyone and are accessible through the online directory of the official website.

GeoGebra is definitely an interesting choice for those students who need to improve their knowledge on these topics and want to do so in the most convenient way possible.


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