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Genshin Impact is an RPG where you can explore a spectacular open world through different characters. Raising the skies and walking on the scenarios of each available city, you will complete new missions and collect items that allow you to evolve with your protagonists. All with cross-gaming capability between users of other platforms, such as PC, PS4 or iOS.

The graphics in Genshin Impact are stunning and allow you to enjoy every corner of the story. In fact, if there is one single reason why this title stands out, it is because of the sheer volume of hidden details that you can discover more or less depending on your ability to explore in depth. As you complete your main and secondary missions, it is important to gather all the information you find in the field. In fact, you can not and should not ignore the items Jean, Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Barbara, Diluc, and the other heroes come with you.

At the beginning of the Genshin Impact, there is either a character from the wind or land category. However, as you improve some features, you will quickly be able to unlock other fire heroes, thunder and ice. Your ability to combine the features you encounter allows you to form a balanced team that allows you to scan any area of ​​the map.

At Genshin Impact there is a truly intuitive control system. All you have to do is press the joystick to move each of the characters while pressing the action buttons to perform attacks, slide faster and pick up new items. From the main screen, you access your inventory with a steady stream of new items with new tracks that make it easier to find more new ones.

Without a doubt, being able to fight with three other friends makes the games at Genshin Impact even more interesting. It does not matter which console or mobile device each player is connected to. The important thing is to join forces to defeat each monster and emerge victorious when you complete each mission.

Genshin Impact is one of those titles that has enough influence to bring millions of players together in a unique open world. Although, so far, all seven zones are not available on the map, as time goes on you will be able to access other cities where you can compete alone or with your friends.


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