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There are many assistive environments for creating video games, but few are really open and free. GDevelop is an open source tool for creating all types of games using flexible HTML5, and then exporting your creations to executable file locations for Windows or Mac as packages ready to be compiled on Android and used on your smartphone. Best of all, this tool is completely free and has no restrictions.

Developing games with GDevelop does not require knowledge of programming languages, as everything works through a system of events assigned to objects. For example, if you want to move a character, you must enter the condition that when you press the corresponding key, the characters move to the right. This command, which would normally require many lines of code to work, is summarized in a small submenu with expanding options that anyone can understand.

The features and genre of the game are entirely up to you, although the tool is designed to create 2D games (or at most, fake 3D in the style of the early shooters of the ’90s). You have access to different sections of the game, such as a scene editor where you can place game elements and view the results visually at any time, and a section where you can manage all the sprites and background images that you will include in the project.

GDevelop is a fantastic tool for creating video games. While it may not lead to the next great video game, it does allow game development to anyone who dreams of creating their own game.

GDevelop is an open source platform for creating HTML5 games

There are many development environments out there that will allow you to create video games of almost any shape or size and for almost any platform, as already listed in our final mega-list of game development tools. What really is not as common as it should be is completely free and open source options like GDevelop, which allows you to develop games in HTML5 without any prior coding concepts. Yes, you can create executable games, easily export them to Windows or Mac, or compile and package them for Android in APK format – without knowing a single line of code.

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