gBurner Virtual Drive 5.0 – Free PC Download

Download Free gBurner Virtual Drive 5.0 – Free PC Download

It is necessary to be able to back up a CD-ROM or DVD create a disk image, but these images require a special program to be able to read them. One of the best programs available in this category is GBurner Virtual Drive.

Access any disk image

One of the first things worth noting GBurner Virtual Drive it’s the Huge amount of different disk image formats that allow us to read.

Some of these forms are:

  • ISO
  • DAA
  • GBI / GBP
  • MDF / MDS (created with 120% alcohol)
  • NRG (used by Nero)
  • BIN / CUE
  • And much more

Among other aspects that are worth emphasizing GBurner Virtual Drive we can point out the ability to read information much faster than if you were using the actual disk and the ability to keep the original discs of programs and games in a safe place to avoid problems with them in the future.

In addition, GBurner Virtual Drive allows you to load a total of 16 virtual drives.

Therefore, download GBurner Virtual Drive to be able to read any disk image that you have on your computer.

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