Galaxy Invaders 1.11.1 for Android

Download Free Galaxy Invaders 1.11.1 for Android

Galaxy Invaders is a fantastic spaceship game where you shoot evil creatures in the middle of the galaxy.

If you like space games with amazing spaceships and monster creatures trying to invade the planet, you will find the perfect fit.

In this game you have to drive a fast spaceship and shoot your ammunition against all kinds of beings while maneuvering fast to avoid the fire that comes your way. Every time you manage to get rid of these creatures, you will get coins. It is important to save these coins, because in the next phases they will allow you to use better ships and ammunition.

Galactic monsters attack en masse, so you have to be very fast in shooting and have a decent target. Be careful because sometimes huge beings appear that can destroy you with a single shot.

Play Galaxy Invaders without limits and try all the incredible spaceships that this game has to offer. Protect the galaxy – up and up!


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