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Freeze Rider is an addictive arcade game where you play a little man with a unique ability: the power to create ice ramps that you can skate and use to push yourself in the air. Your goal is to reach the finish line safely and soundly. Along the way, you must avoid many obstacles and falls that will constantly challenge you throughout this fast-paced adventure.

The game in Freeze Rider could not be simpler: your character automatically moves through the adjustment and you have to design ramps that will help you stay alive. Each of these ramps consumes a small amount of ice, so you should make sure to collect more ice as you travel across the platforms across the level.

Once you reach the finish line, you will be rewarded with coins and experience points depending on the ice you have left. You can use these rewards later to unlock new looks for your character and new worlds, each with its own set of obstacles and difficulty curves.

Freeze Rider is a simple game that is really impressive and fun. It is necessary for anyone who is already a fan of the genre.


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