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Download Free FREE NOW 11.9.0 for Android

FREE NOW, formerly known as MyTaxi, is an app that lets you call a taxi using your Android. Once in the taxi, you can also follow the route in real time and pay for the service using the app itself in a fast and convenient way.

Although not yet available worldwide, it can be used for FREE NOW in some of the major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Vienna or Washington. In addition, new cities are added to the list every now and then.

Some of the features included are really interesting. For example, you can calculate the amount you will pay in advance, you can request a specific taxi driver, etc. who do their job very well, and fewer stars who could improve the service they provide.

MyTaxi is now FREE now and offers you a really useful application. You can request a taxi in seconds – just confirm your location and choose your preferences and needs (big taxi, taxi with wheelchair access, etc.).


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