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Download Free Fortnite 15.20 – Free PC Download

Following the worldwide success of the Battle Royale game, thanks in large part to the popularity of PLAYERUNKNOWN BUTLIGNS, other games know how to make the most of the opportunity and have followed suit. One of the most popular alternatives is the free game developed by the development studio EPIC Games, especially thanks to its PS4 version which is already at the top of all download charts.

Fortnite it is one game that can not even be bothered to make an attempt to hide its similarities with PUBG. The plot and goal of each game are exactly the same: 100 players reach the same scenario by air with only one goal in mind, to look for the weapons and defenses needed to design a great strategy and be the last survivor of the game. Exactly the same idea and rules as in the original game.

Key features of Fortnite

This Battle Royale style game comes with the following features and options thanks to which the player can have fun for hours participating in short races lasting between 20 and 40 minutes:

  • Four different types of heroes: soldier, builder, ninja and outlander.
  • Each type of hero has its own skulls and special characteristics.
  • Different weapons sorted by color according to their rarity and power level.
  • The game includes long-range weapons such as weapons, assault rifles or weapons, and handguns such as knives, spears and dogs.
  • The player must look for material for the construction of structures, weapons and objects of any kind: wood, metal, carbon, adhesive tape, resin, glass …

Search for treasures to find weapons and materials, explore all the settings, plan a decent strategy and set traps to surprise and eliminate your potential enemies.

Weapon system in Fortnite

Unlike PUBG, this Battle Royale has its own system for classifying weapon power. Depending on their color, the player may rarely know the weapon he just found is. The rarest weapons are usually the most powerful, although the truth is that the color only shows how difficult it is to find them: fire is indicated by the number next to the lightning bolt that appears on each weapon. So is the weapons are classified according to their rarity:

  • Common: gray.
  • Not so common: green.
  • Rare: blue:
  • Epic: Purple.
  • Legendary: orange.
  • Mythical: gold.

What’s new in the latest version

  • TheGrefg is coming Fortnite.

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