Fortnite 15.10 – Download for Mac for free

Download Free Fortnite 15.10 – Download for Mac for free

Epic Games is the studio behind one of the most successful battle royale games to date. We’re talking about Fornite which, along with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has reached the top of this kind of massively multiplayer action video game. And you probably already know what it has to do with: everything against everyone and the last player wins.

Stay alive in an all-versus-all with 100 players

What? You still do not know what Fortnite has to do; He is a third person shooter who puts us in a huge scenario in which, along with 99 other players in each game, we must fight to not be the only survivors. We will be able to use shelters, vehicles and weapons, lots of weapons, to try to kill anything that dares to move. And this is the macOS version of a game that has hit huge on Windows, Xbox and PS4 and guarantees endless fun.

One of the biggest features of this game is its graphics. Of graphic aspect reminds us of a comic cartoon style, mimics Blizzard’s successful Overwatch and stands out from its biggest rival, the equally successful PUBG.

The biggest success, along with PUBG, in the type of battle royale shooter.

The fact is that you can download Fortnite for free and play without any problems. However, there are some in-game options that can be purchased to improve your gaming conditions. But it all depends on your willingness to stand out and customize your heroes.

Main characteristics

The truth is that Fortnite has not invented anything new. In fact, it’s the logical evolution of these video games that already offered us a multiplayer feature a few years ago, like Counter-Strike, but making the most of the communications improvements that make it possible for any player to play anywhere people. However, the game itself is technically perfect, to become the favorite of millions of players around the world:

  • Four different types of heroes to choose from: outlander, ninja, soldier and builder.
  • Different skills and characteristics for each hero that presuppose the way we play.
  • Different weapons classified by color code to indicate their rarity and destructive power. There are small arms, assault rifles or handguns.
  • As in Minecraft, we have to build different materials to create structures, weapons and objects.

Well, how is it done Fortnite sort the various weapons available? Well, using the above color code as follows:

  • Gray for common weapons.
  • Green for less common weapons.
  • Blue for rare weapons.
  • Purple for epic weapons.
  • Orange for legendary weapons.

This video game has become a mass phenomenon which provides Epic Games with huge amounts of money in the form of in-app purchases. In turn, it has broken all possible records for viewers of game streams on platforms such as Twitch, where some of the most famous YouTube and even rappers have taken part in sessions with hundreds of thousands of viewers at the same time.

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