Forge of Empires 1.210.17 for Android

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Forge of Empires is a strategy game where you play lord and master of a historic city where you must also become lord of the war. Fight thousands of players from all over the world and turn your city into one of the most prosperous in ancient history. Become a leader and guide your people to victory.

To make your city an important place, you need to focus on developing, evolving, maintaining and protecting your economy by generating effective resources. It is important to remember that you are starting to use Stone Age technology, so if you want to evolve, you will eventually need to research new tools or ways to get things done. The more you research, the more you evolve and the faster you can produce.

When it comes to managing your army, make sure you hire the toughest warriors and explore the surrounding areas before you go to war, as your enemies will be tougher than any defender you find in a deserted area. Learn to negotiate and rule an entire province to become the most powerful leader in the Forge of Empires.


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