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If you are addicted to your smartphone and looking for a way to relax and focus on your work or study, Focus Plant may be the answer. This app offers an incredibly fun way to reduce the time you spend on your smartphone. Enjoy the time you spend offline and watch your progress with this fun adventure.

Focus Plant is a tool that allows you to improve your productivity in a very fun way. planting and cultivating trees and plants through your off-screen efforts. To improve your garden, you need sun and water, which you should collect by spending time outside the application.

One of the main points of sale of Focus Plant is that it encourages you to close all your applications to save extra time. If you open another toy or other tool while collecting materials, your garden will not grow and you will have to start over. Basically, the app is designed to help you study or work without being distracted by another stimulus.

This fun tool helps you focus on your daily chores while making great progress off-screen. Enjoy growing a bunch of different plants and achieve your goals with this fun adventure designed for all types of users.


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