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Flying Arrow is a 3D arcade game where players are challenged to launch an arrow into the air to reach as far as they can. To do this, all you have to do is slide your finger back and lift it at the right time. While your arrow is in the air, you can also maneuver from side to side to slightly change its trajectory.

The farther your arrow goes, the greater the number of coins you will collect. Not to mention that if you manage to hit your arrow on any of the target tones scattered in each level, you will get an extra bonus. Once you receive enough coins, you can redeem them to buy upgrades to your archery equipment that allow you to shoot even more and earn even more coins. In fact, the more money you invest in your equipment, the higher your returns each time you shoot your next arrow.

Flying Arrow is an arcade game with an extremely simple plot. Like any other VOODOO title, it has a lot of ads and simple graphics. But it is extremely, extremely addictive. It is also a very similar title to Baseball Boy! but instead of throwing baseball, you throw arrows.


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