Fluvsies 1.0.56 for Android – Download

Download Free Fluvsies 1.0.56 for Android – Download

Discover a new world and take care of adorable creatures in the Fluvsies game.

The game begins in a colorful, pastel room with beautiful furniture and a small egg in the center of the floor. After pressing the egg a few times to help the little creature hatch, it is up to you to take care of it and keep it as happy and healthy as you can. Once the egg hatches, a bubble appears on it with a baby bottle inside. To feed the Fluvsie, simply slide the bottle from the top right corner of the screen to your pet and he will grab it and start drinking.

Before you know it, the Fluvsie will start to grow and gradually more eggs will appear. As the new eggs hatch, they must be fed just like the first Fluvsie. Although Fluvsies are easy to care for, the more they hatch, the more you need to do, so you need to move faster and more efficiently to take care of everything. Sometimes gifts with toys and accessories come in and other times you have to wait a few seconds to see what the surprise is. Not only that, but you can also beat the challenges along with your colorful little pets to earn points.

Feed and play with your favorite virtual pets in the Fluvsies game.


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