Flightradar24 8.16.1 for Android – Download

Download Free Flightradar24 8.16.1 for Android – Download

The world’s most famous flight tracking application, Flightradar24, has an Android version that lets you see commercial airplanes and their flight routes at any time.

This app lets you specify each flight displayed on the screen, although in this demo version you can not see the time of departure or arrival, nor the destination or origin of any flight. You are limited to seeing only the model of the plane.

You will see all the planes in real time and you will be able to search for specific flights, as well as zoom anywhere on the map to see with absolute clarity the flight routes that connect different countries and continents.

The full version also lets you filter your search by altitude, airline and speed. The trial version leaves no flights, however, so you can still see them.


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