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There are many programs out there for songwriters, DJs and almost anyone interested in creating music. And it is available on different platforms, either in classics like Windows, Mac or Linux, or in the latest generation of mobile devices such as Android or iOS.

You may have all heard of Cubase, Pro Tools or Virtual DJ, but we must add FL Studio, also known as Fruity Loops, on this list. Of one of the best programs to write songs, arrange, record, edit, combine and remaster music with professional results.

A versatile tool for enhancing music creativity.

The full version of this program incorporates all kinds of functions that allow it pattern-based multi-wheel sequence to create all kinds of rhythms and sounds. The piano roll and MIDI external controllers allow us to insert musical notes that can later be edited and played as you wish.

Main features of Fruity Loops

The different functions and tools integrated by Fruity Loops make it a Full digital audio workstation, as you can see below:

  • Step audio sequence.
  • Allows you to record many tracks: musical instruments, voices …
  • Audio editing with many tools and features: step correction, step shift, harmonization, time stretching, loop cutting, sample distortion, etc.
  • Automate software or synthesizer parameters in many ways.
  • Use Fruity Loops as a VST instrument or via Rewire from any DAW.
  • Perform live shows, including video effects.
  • Large number of effects: reverberation, delay, filters, dynamic processors, etc.
  • Includes support for VST, DX and FL Native plugins (program format).
  • Compatible with ASIO and WDM controllers.
  • Export your songs to WAV, MP3, OGG or MIDI format.

In its main interface we can find five different windows:

  • Step sequencer: allows us to compose patterns or small musical pieces.
  • Piano roll: arranged in two dimensions indicating with two axes (vertically and horizontally) the note or the step and the length of the track.
  • Playlist: here we will find the different designs or samples that will create the song.
  • Mixer: with which you can adjust the sound level balance, add effects, or record audio inputs.
  • Sample navigationr: from where you will have quick access to the samples, additions and defaults of the program.

In addition, it also includes over twelve additions such as synthesizers, instrument simulators (bass, electric guitar, piano …), audio segmentation … In turn, we can also purchase additional add-ons and supports standards such as DirectX, VST, VST2, VST3, Buzz and Rewire.

A modular DAW: use only what you need

If you have a lot of experience in computer music composition, you will realize that many programs designed for this purpose are usually accompanied by workplaces and functional interfaces that in many cases we do not use. This is not the case in FL as it used to be designed according to a modular idea, offering the user the ability to use only those elements and functions that are really needed for this project. Its different versions make it a flexible program that adapts to the needs of almost all users, so the best Fruity Loops will really depend on the intention of each use.

So if you are looking for strong and reliable DAW With almost 20 years of experience behind it, here you will find one of the best programs you could possibly get.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Adds the ability to export to ZIP groups from the command line.
  • New option to export all groups of tracks in the playlist to the playlist menu.

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