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Fitness Femenino is a fitness app that includes a huge amount of exercise routine aimed primarily at women. Get in shape by using the tons of tips and tricks offered by this app and start taking care of your body.

The interface in Fitness Femenino is really well organized because it is divided into different sections and each of the routines is just a click away. Once you have selected one, you will have access to a brief but useful explanation, as well as some images that will make it easier for you to follow.

Fitness Femenino also contains some historical aspects of each of the topics covered in the application. You can access information about the different types of exercise and activities. namely, abs, GAP, dumbbell, ball or cardio routines.

If you want to stay in shape by following simple but effective exercise routines as well as diet tips, Fitness Femenino is a really interesting application that will help you plan every day of the week to improve your health habits.


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