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Fishing World is a game that turns you into a fishing professional who is ready to take the biggest and most famous trophies. But keep in mind that to achieve your goal, you need to use your skills and the best resources.

The controls in the fishing world are really intuitive: the first thing you need to do is find where you want the bait to fall. To do this, calculate your strength so that the bait reaches the exact location and then, as in real fishing, wait. Once you notice that the fishing bolt starts to sink, you need to wrap the bait and start playing with the tension of the thread. Fortunately, there is a colorful circular map that shows you when you are pulling too hard or if you are not pulling hard enough (and the fish can escape). After a while, you can roll on the fish and catch it with your net.

As you continue to catch fish, you can either release them again, keep them or sell them. If you decide to sell them, you can use your earnings to upgrade your fishing gear so you can catch bigger fish. These hard-to-reach fish are found only in unexplored waters.

Fishing World is a super fun fishing game that is also quite realistic because it includes stunning graphics. The game is ideal for those who like the idea of ​​fishing, but are not very sure that they kill other creatures for fun.


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